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Discover the Magic of SNUBA in Curacao!

Experience the ultimate underwater adventure with SNUBA in Curacao. Perfect for families and vacationers. Ready to dive in? Scroll down to learn more!


About the tour

SNUBA offers the perfect blend of snorkeling and scuba diving, providing an unparalleled underwater adventure without the need for certification


No Certification Required

Enjoy the underwater experience of scuba diving without the time-consuming certification process.



SNUBA is suitable for adventurers aged 8 and up, making it an ideal activity for families.


Safe and Guided

Each SNUBA tour is led by a professional guide, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Person enjoying a SNUBA dive in Curacao, swimming alongside a sea turtle among vibrant coral reefs.

Only Basic Swimming Skill Required

Why Choose SNUBA in Curacao?

Person giving a thumbs-up while SNUBA diving in Curacao, exploring underwater coral reefs with other divers in the background.

SNUBA in Curacao offers an unparalleled underwater adventure that combines the best of snorkeling and scuba diving without the need for certification. The crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life make Curacao one of the top destinations for underwater exploration.

Unique and Unforgettable Experience


Our SNUBA tours in Curacao are led by professional guides who ensure a safe and fun experience for all participants. You’ll receive a brief orientation before your dive and have a guide with you every step of the way, whether you’re on the surface or underwater.

Professional Guidance and Safety


Curacao is home to a diverse array of marine species, from colorful tropical fish to intricate coral reefs. SNUBA allows you to get up close and personal with this underwater paradise, providing an immersive experience that’s more intimate than snorkeling and less cumbersome than scuba diving.

Stunning Marine Life


With the heavy equipment floating on the surface, you can explore the underwater world comfortably and without the burden of carrying a tank. This makes SNUBA an easy and enjoyable activity for all.

Convenient and Comfortable


SNUBA is perfect for families, beginners, and experienced divers alike. Whether you’re 8 or 86, SNUBA in Curacao is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With no certification required, it’s a hassle-free way to dive deeper and stay longer.

Ideal for All Ages and Skill Levels

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Curacao is a popular destination for tourists from the USA, offering direct flights and a welcoming atmosphere. SNUBA in Curacao is an ideal addition to your vacation itinerary, providing a unique and exciting way to explore the island’s natural beauty.

Perfect for Tourists

SNUBA underwater activity in Curacao

What to Expect

Only $80/person

Curacao locals can pay 135 ANG

Daily 9am to 5pm

15 minutes pre-tour briefing. 

Equipment and setup (No heavy equipment)

Professionally guided tour

Minimum Age: 8. Maximum Age: 80

Safety and comfort (No dive experience necessary)

Family-Friendly Fun

The SNUBA Setup

  • Surface Air Supply: The SNUBA system uses a floating raft that carries the air supply. This raft stays on the surface and follows you as you move, ensuring a continuous supply of air.

  • 20-Foot Airline: A 20-foot long airline connects your harness to the air supply on the raft. This allows you to dive to depths of up to 20 feet, giving you the freedom to explore underwater comfortably.

  • Regulator and Harness: You’ll breathe through a standard scuba regulator that is attached to a lightweight harness. This setup keeps you connected to the surface air supply while giving you the mobility to explore underwater.

Unlike traditional scuba diving, SNUBA divers breathe through a standard scuba regulator connected by a 20-foot airline to an air supply floating on the surface. This innovative setup allows you to explore the underwater world at depths of up to 20 feet, giving you the freedom to dive deeper and stay longer than snorkeling.


Safety and Guidance

  • Professional SNUBA Guides: Every SNUBA tour is led by a professional guide who ensures your safety and comfort throughout the experience. They provide a 15-minute briefing before the dive, covering essential safety information and equipment usage.

  • Continuous Support: Your guide stays with you during the entire dive, ready to assist whether you’re on the surface or exploring the depths. This guidance ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.


Ideal for All Ages

  • Family-Friendly: SNUBA is suitable for adventurers aged 8 and up, making it a fantastic activity for families. Children can participate safely with the SNUBA Doo program, which includes a flotation vest and close supervision.

  • Accessible Adventure: With no certification required and a user-friendly setup, SNUBA is an accessible and enjoyable way for everyone to explore the underwater world.

Official Licensed Franchise


Ready to dive into an unforgettable underwater adventure in Curacao?

Shawnna Jones

average rating is 5 out of 5

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My husband and I did this on our honeymoon and loved it. The guide Angelo stays with you the whole time and makes sure you are safe and comfortable. You get to see the most beautiful fish and coral up close. They are very professional and helpful if you are nervous. I would recommend doing this in Curacao.


Discover the underwater wonders of Curacao with our exciting SNUBA tours. Perfect for all ages, SNUBA combines the ease of snorkeling with the thrill of scuba diving, allowing you to explore vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life without the need for certification.

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