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Underwater Walking Tour In Curacao

Seatrek Curacao underwater walking tour is one of the most of popular and favorite water activities in Curacao. Walk on the ocean floor and discover Curacao's marine life. You will be walking underwater with a helmet on, and swimming knowledge is unnecessary.  Also known as Seatrek helmet diving, this tour is family-friendly and can be done by anybody between the ages 8 to 80. 

According to sea trek curacao reviews, this is one of the favorite underwater activities for kids in Curacao. Curacao underwater walking tour is a must-visit place in Willemstad whether you are visiting as a couple or a group.

Minimum Age: 8

Duration: 1 hr

$120 or ANG 120 for locals (show Sedula)

About the tour

SeaTREK is a multigenerational tour.

SeaTREK helmet diving is a memorable and instantly gratifying experience that is accessible to nearly anyone.

No swimming ability required

The tour is as simple as walking and breathing

You can wear glasses or prescription contact lenses

Face and hair remain completely dry

Participants breathe normally through their nose and mouth– no mouthpieces

The tour takes less than one hour of precious vacation or leisure time

Contact Details

Mon-Sun 8am to 5pm

Storage for bags

Water shoes

Public shower

Minimum Age: 8

Duration: 1 hr

Great for Family!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to pay a taxi or rent a car to get there?
    We have two options for transportation. You can either rent a car or we can provide a pick-up service for you. The pick-up service will take you to your destination and bring you back, and it costs $15 per person.
  • What should I bring?
    You should remember to bring a swimsuit, your water shoes, and a towel if you have them.
  • What happens if the weather is bad?
    Only if the weather is really bad with lots of wind, we could cancel and reschedule.
  • What are the restrictions?
    Depending on health issues we could restrict you from doing the tour
  • What is the Minimum Age?
    minimum age is 8 years

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