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Walk Underwater
& See The Planet

With Sea TREK Helmet Diving

New on Curacao! Sea TREK Helmet Diving. Take a walk on the seafloor at the Pier of Mari Pampoen among the coral banks and feed the fish.

All About Sea Trek Curacao BV

Sea TREK Helmet Diving is a new activity on Curacao.



You can encounter sea life in its own environment without  using complex scuba gear: Just walk and breathe.

Take a walk on the seafloor at Pier Maripampoen, and enjoy the

coral banks and the fish living on the banks. But beware,

do not touch anything.

We are a member of the Reef Alliance Program, and we have a role in conserving the reef in Curacao. We are stationed at the premises of Restaurant Surf & Turf, Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard z/n

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Sea Trek Helmet Diving

Walk 20 feet below the surface on the sea floor with a specially designed diving helmet..

1 hour


Why Sea TREK?